There is a saying that "God forgives all the mistakes he made when he was young." And my father's fault, if there is a God, I think he will not forgive me. I never bought anything for my father in his lifetime. The only gift I gave him: a pair of sheepskin gloves is the first prize I won in the law competition in the technical school. When I took the gloves to my father, his eyes narrowed with laughter, and he praised repeatedly: "it's better to be a daughter, she has a future. It's no use being like a son. " He wore those gloves to take the shift bus of the unit. If he had a seat, he would rather stand. He purposely grabbed the top rail and made everyone in the car stare at his gloved hand. When someone praised his gloves for their beauty, the father immediately said triumphantly, "this is my daughter's award. My daughter is promising. She is called a talented woman by others. My daughter, Wen Wen Wen, is quiet. She is not like the crazy daughter of other family at all. " Father's words aroused a lot of people's antipathy, but he still spoke excitedly. Even his mother couldn't look down on him. He told others that he was too vain. Alas, a pair of sheepskin gloves can cause so much satisfaction from my father. Unfortunately, I know this too late! My father has been fighting in Shandong since I joined the work. After retirement, he was reemployed to continue working in Shandong. During this period, I married and married, gave birth to children, only around their own small home, my father was gradually forgotten by me. Only when I receive the gift from my father: woolen overcoat or sheepskin boots, can I remember that he was still in Shandong. In 1997, his father, who had been retired for five years, finally returned to Hubei. After returning, he never got up again: advanced gastric cancer. During the period of his hospitalization, every time I went to the hospital, I would suffer a suffering in my heart, and I regretted that I cared too little for him. Sitting in front of my father's bed, I asked him, "Dad, I'm really not a good daughter. Don't you blame me?" The father said with a smile: "silly child, how can father blame you? You are my father's favorite child from childhood. Your brother said that dad is eccentric, dad is eccentric, dad just likes you more than he likes him! "